Trio Klassisk

Beautiful and evocative sacred music from all style periods

Klassisk musik Trio is able to deliver beautiful and evocative Klassisk musik from all style periods.

Join the on a captivating musical journey through centuries of Klassisk musik.

Klassisk musik and lyrics meet in a tense interaction between the organ, flute and classical singing voice.

Danish Kirketrio's repertoire ranges from baroque to contemporary compositions, spiced with extracts from the Danish songbook.

From beautiful arias and cantater of Bach, Handel and Telemann of treasured works of Weyse and Carl Nielsen to newer sounds of Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Honegger and Pauli Sandagerdi.og Egil Hovland.

The Danish Trio watchman breadth and variety in both repertoire and instrument / vocal constellation, and we will endeavor that part of the concert can take place promoting the church.

The trio is made up of:
Julie Cold Vilstup, soprano.
Susanne Bechmann, flute.
Erik Linow, organ / piano.

For further information and prices on the Church Trio feel free to call or send an email, see our Booking Enquiry, which you describe your event and we will return with prices on the Danish Church Trio